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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Fantastic Faerie Prize Draw!

Yesterday my Facebook page reached over 500 likes so in honour I am holding a big competition where you can win not just one, or even three, but six prizes with a total value of £50!!! Prizes include two pairs of X-box Controller Cuff Links, Mario Flower Brooch, Miniature Teacup Ring, Mighty Boosh Earrings and Scented Key Lime Pie Necklace!

  • To enter all you have to do is go to my Facebook Page LIKE & SHARE the Competition poster (above) then leave me a comment saying which prize you would like to win and why.
  • Every SHARE + COMMENT = ONE ENTRY!!! Entrants may enter more than once, especially if they would like to win more than one prize or just increase their odds of winning!
  • The more creative and interesting the comment, the more likely you will be to get entered twice into the draw!
  • You can also enter the competition on my Twitter or Google + accounts. Same rules as above apply.
Every entrant will be put into a pot according to which prize they prefer. Winners will be drawn at random from each pot on Sunday 3rd February at 9pm GMT. Winners will then be announced here on my blog the following day. Good luck and I hope you all have fun entering!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Snow and the Strawberry Anarchy Giveaway

Phew, what a week it has been with all the snowfall! Unfortunately living in the centre of town the snow hardly lies and whatever does quickly turns to slush, meh! Makes me wish I still lived up the hills so I could go sledging and make snowmen, haha! But anyway the good thing about being stuck indoors during the bad weather is that I've made lots of new fimo creations and I have lots of new goodies ready to put up in my shop, yay!

Today I am planning a wee jaunt around town with my camera after my little monster awakes from his nap. Hopefully I will catch some nice wintery scenes before all the snow melts away. But before I head off I will leave you with great news about my very talented friend; Strawberry Anarchy's amazing give-a-way. She is giving away £60 worth of her new Happy Flower necklaces. Which one is your favourite? Mine is Petunia the happy flower. Have a look for yourself, they will certainly cheer you up, especially if you are one of the unfortunate people snowed in across the UK right now! You better hurry up though as the competition ends tomorrow, good luck! I'll be back in a few days to show off my new fimo creations, see ya then! :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Creative Corner

I have just spent most of this evening sorting out all my jewellery findings and beads into some sort of reasonable order. I realised that I hadn't actually put any pictures up of my craft desk/creative corner and thought that now would be a good time (seeing as it is fairly tidy for a change lol). I had to move my craft desk into my rather small bedroom back in September as my son needed his own room.

It is not ideal as the room is very dark and really tight for space, in fact I could do with putting some more shelves up for everything, but it does the job. It's my own little retreat where I can go and create whilst listening to my favourite tunes. And there's no little menaces allowed, well most of the time anyway!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New year New start

So the festive season is over and everything is going back to normal. A lot of people are making New Years resolutions which are something I don’t tend to bother with at all as I would probably only last a few weeks at it anyway! However I am making a few New Years resolutions this year and these are;

1) To concentrate more on my creativity and make more stuff!

2) To update my blog more often!

Bet you were thinking I was going to write some namby-pamby nonsense about dieting, joining the gym and giving up alcohol! But screw that, this is me wanting to get even more in touch with my creativity! And why not.

So anyway a quick update on what I have been up to as I haven't written my blog for a while. I had a very busy Christmas, both with The Nomi Faerie and with friends and family. I also received an unexpected tax rebate just before Christmas which obviously went down really well. I decided to quickly spend it on a Christmas present for myself before it got absorbed into the bill fund and I treated myself to a Canon 600D DSLR camera. I love my new camera so much, I have even been calling it 'My precious', hehe!

Here's a wee peek at some of the pics I have been taking. I must say it is very handy having my own little star around to pose for photos...

I ended up getting some Christmas money as well (thank you Gramps and Dad). So I spent it on some filters for my Precious... sorry my camera and a printer which I have been needing for years now. So that's me well on my way now, I'm turning into an even bigger gadget geek than my boyfriend which is really saying something, lol! So anyway my filters finally arrived today so I headed down to my local park to catch a few snaps of the sunset. I will leave you with a few pictures I took today but I will be back next week with another blog update, it is my New Years resolution afterall.