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Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Sunflower Faerie

Hello everyone! Thought I would share my latest make; The Sunflower Faerie. This is the first time I had made a larger scale character since my wedding cake toppers last year so it was lots of fun getting back into it and not having to make things on such a tiny scale all the time like my fimo jewellery charms.

I had a bit of trouble making the wings but after an appeal on Facebook, Elaine from Random Craftiness And Crafty Randomness very kindly sent me some angelina fibre to work with. Thank you Elaine! Angelina or fantasy fibres are very sparkly, iridescent fibres which are heat bondable. I made the faerie's wings above by creating an outline with green wire then ironing layers of angelina fibre across them on both sides then trimmed the excess to create this lovely, sparkly set of wings.

The Sunflower Faerie was designed as a gift for my friend Shirley who's Birthday it was last week. She loves sunflowers and reading so I thought this would be a great gift to have a little sunflower faerie sitting up on her book shelf sunning herself. Now I've got the bug again I'm planning on making more faeries real soon! I've got lots of new ideas and I am currently working on a new faerie at the moment, although it's taking me ages to finish! Don't worry as soon as it's finished I will get the pictures up to show you! I'd best best dash off and get the tea on just now though, bye for now! xxx

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Baby Shower

Apologies for there being no blog update last week but I have been an extremely busy little faerie indeed. Last Tuesday my friend Lydia and I were hard at work making Alice in Wonderland inspired decorations for our friend's baby shower at the weekend. We got quite a lot done in one evening if I do say so myself but then having new devices in the house now such as a die cutter and a printer certainly helps a lot!

As you can see from the photo we made loads! We made a caterpillar in the style of The Hungry Caterpillar as our friend loves it! I used the printer to print out 'This Way', 'That Way' and We're all Mad Here' signs. I printed out Cheshire cat grins which we stuck to straws to make little masks. I used the die cutter to cut out most of the shapes including the keys and love hearts. We threaded the love hearts onto some ribbon along with the suite of hearts from a deck of cards to make Queen of Hearts bunting. I also printed out and cut out some 'Eat Me' and 'Drink Me' tags too.

That left Friday for baking CAAKES!!! Sorry I love saying that word! I made vanilla cupcakes with blue butter icing, sprinkles, love heart sweets and 'Eat Me' handmade cake toppers. Here's my mum who's over visiting at the moment snaffling one! 

Here's some photo's from the baby shower including all our decorations and baking...

As you can see we had quite a large selection of cakes, in this photo you can also see Lydia's handmade Aztec gold cookies.

My cakes on display next to 'Drink Me' bottle (I picked up this bottle from the pound shop, filled it with juice and stuck a 'Drink Me' tag on it for a great effect)

This is us setting up the buffet table (there was a lot more food added later).

'This Way' and 'That Way' signs before going through the the kitchen. We also put a 'We're All Mad Here' sign on the front door.

The extremely munchied caterpillar.

Queen of Hearts Bunting.

My little monkey mooching food off everyone.

Ella tucking into a cake.

If you remember the blog post about my baby shower, my friends played this game called Baby Come Dine With Me which involves taking all the labels off baby food jars and the players have to guess the flavours. It's not very pleasant and it is a lot more difficult than it sounds. Well done to Jordan who won a scented cupcake necklace with 'Eat Me' tag from my shop.

We then played another game which was more like a quiz where we had to answer questions about Jordan such as her favourite colour, film, cartoon character etc. Simone won and received a miniature tea cup ring from my shop.

Simone modelling her miniature teacup ring

The guests recovering from Baby Come Dine With Me

So all in all I would say the day was a great success, plenty of munchies, good company and cool decorations. Hopefully there is plenty of inspiration here for your Alice in Wonderland inspired Baby Shower too. Now time to get back to working on some Alice in Wonderland inspired jewellery for my shop, keep your eyes peeled for more amazing Nomi Faerie stuff coming very soon!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Competition Winners

Only a quick post today as need to get into town and go to the Post Office. Just wanted to announce the competition winners. They have already been informed on my Facebook page but I said I would write a list on my blog too. Winners are;

Beth Lou                   X-Box Controllers (Black)
William Johnston       X-Box Controllers (White)
Ria Mitchelson          Mighty Boosh Earrings & Lemon Teacup Ring
Sarah Louise Lamb   Scented Key Lime Pie Necklace
Lydia Rolffe-Budd     Mario Fire Flower Brooch

Congratulations folks and thank you to everyone who took part in the competition, also for all your lovely comments and shares. I got lots of new likers for my Facebook Page and a good idea of what Nomi Faerie products you would like to see more of in the future.

If any of the competition winners want to send me a photograph of themselves wearing their prizes then that would be great. Also want to say a big Happy Birthday to Ria Mitchelson who's Birthday it is today!

Speak to you soon folks I must go and post all these faerie-tastic prizes now.