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Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Latest Crafty Capers

I haven't written in my blog for total ages so thought it was about time I let you know what has been going on. Over the past 2 months I have been adjusting to my new crazy life as a mum. It has been good but very very very tiring. Caelan is a little milk fiend and if he had life his way - would be on the boob all the time! So as you can imagine I've not had much time to get up to any crafty stuff. However that is all changing now. Managing to get the wee man down for 9pm every night and he generally sleeps through now, yay! So got some time back to myself again and Craft Sundays are starting up again this week, woohoo!
In other news; my grandparents bought us a lovely travel cot. We don't have room for a proper cot in our tiny flat so this cot is the business! It can be used as a cot, a bassinet (which we are using at the moment), a playpen and even has a changing station attachment so it is a great space saver for us! The only thing I would have to say about it is the toys that came with it are pretty horrendous. They are grey and pretty much look like the toys the children from the Addams family would play with.
I decided that I would use my crafty skills to create something much more colourful and vibrant to replace these dull, poor excuses for toys. And let's face it, that wasn't going to be very difficult was it? I have been experimenting with making things from felt recently and practicing my really rusty sewing skills. So I thought what better than to replace these dismal toys with than some funky felt creations of my own! I came up with a little family of celestial bodies including a daddy sun, mummy moon and little baby star which I then sewn using different colours of felt and buttons. Here they are pictured on the cot with Albi the dragon admiring them!
I think I can safely say that although my sewing technique needs a bit more work, the new replacement toys are much nicer to look at! I also have plenty of ideas for new felt creations that I'm hoping to get around to soon.

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  1. grey toys! that is so weird, your are a million times better! love them and can not wait to see more stuff as you get more time to yourself to make more :)