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Monday, 2 July 2012

My Magical 30th Birthday Bash

I've just had an amazing Birthday weekend thanks to my friends and family! On Saturday I hit the big 3-0! I had a fancy dress party on the Friday night at Braes Below in Dundee so I actually partied into my Birthday this year. It was a great fun & lots of people made the effort and got dressed up! I also performed a few songs for everyone with Bob and Andy which was cool. My mate Lydia baked me an amazing faerie castle cake ( see picture), it was just perfect I wanted to shrink myself and go live in it!!!

I got some great prezzies from everyone including lots of fimo, a flying lesson from my partner Bob and an amazing Gnome Pot head made by my good friend Strawberry Anarchy.
She also made me a really cool Pinata which I ended up totally smashing up into smithereens back at the flat! It was great fun for getting rid of all that pent up anger from my twenties and of course getting all the sweet treas, beads and stickers out of it, haha!
Everyone keeps asking if I feel older but I don't feel any different and I'm now looking forward to another decade of more faerie-tastic adventures and madness so watch this space for more cheeky updates! Hooble toodle doo for the noo!!!

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  1. Thank you for the mention Naomi, what a fun time it was loved it so much, you sure know how to throw a proper party! and Thanks for the wonderful tutorial on how to make a pinata in the first place, the one you made for my birthday was so much fun I just had to let you have a shot of that too, will blog about it later and mention your blog :) xxx