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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The quest for greater order

I've not posted for a few weeks now but been having a mad, crazy month! Most of which I shall blog about in the near future. Although I am afraid to say it's not all been good creative fun!  Dull, frustrating tasks such as clearing out the spare room (dumping ground) of crap! Mainly unpacked boxes, decorating stuff, prams and many other items that we can't find a home for into storage and to the skip have been taking precedence lately. After we get through this annoying part then we shall have an empty blank canvas room with which to get our son's bedroom ready in time for his 1st Birthday... in just under 2 weeks now, yikes!
Seems like we're just getting through things in little fairy steps right now. But at least things are getting there slowly but surely. While I was going through things today I found a plastic tool carrier box I had bought out of Home Bargains for a few quid. Originally intending to store beads and the like when I bought it; I thought of a much better use for it today...

I turned it into an organiser for all my fimo, yaaaay! There's a little section for each of my colours and types, a section for all my cutters and there's even a compartment bit that holds all my tools! And best of all; it's all in a case that I can carry about and I can easily find and access what I am needing at the time! You probably think I'm totally sad for getting all excited about this! But I kept thinking about when I was wee and used to love fimo but had hardly any of it, not enough to get really creative, and certainly no tools to use with it anyway. Imagine how I would have felt if I'd have known that one day as an adult (well supposed adult) I'd have all this fimo to play with! I would have been completely over the moon! That's probably why it's so good seeing all my fimo organised and in one place! And here's too many more fimo endeavours... well after the wee monster's lair is sorted out of course, hehe!

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  1. I love it, organising crafty stuff always makes me feel more creative! I recently organised mine much better and it's helped a lot ( need to tidy again though because already it's a total mess again) love your fimo box xx