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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Introducing the new Nomi Faerie Jar Necklace range

Thought I'd share some of the creations that I have been up to lately with you. It all started off with a gnome in a jar...
I've been making a lot of gnomes recently and the more practice I've been getting, the smaller I am able to make them. Then one day I was able to make them small enough to fit inside a miniature jar, yaaay! Well I turned that jar into a necklace and I err... kept that necklace for myself because I loved it that much!!! I would like to introduce you to Herbert Junior, those of you that know me and have seen me lately will probably already have met him!

Don't worry I'm not going to keep all the jar necklaces for myself. I went on to make another gnome in a jar but this time I went all out and also put in a toadstool, some foliage and a wee 'Gnome Sweet Gnome' sign. Norman seems to be very happy with his new terrarium and will be going up for sale on my Esty shop this week.

Then I went even smaller and made Mr & Mrs Gnome in their terrarium of Gnome Love jar! Only thing is with this one is I forgot to glue the base onto the bottom so it has come loose. This will just have to be kept as an ornament instead, oh well, they seem happy enough and haven't complained about it at all.

Moving on from the gnomes now I thought it would be customary to make a little faerie in a jar as well. Would like to introduce to you Louella the Bluebell faerie...

Next up... Did you collect trolls when you were young? I did, I've still got mine somewhere, why is that not surprising eh? Well one of my customers asked if I would make a troll in a jar key ring and I said of course, that just gave me a great excuse to make a bunch of the little critters!

So there you go! That's where I am at so far anyway. Got loads more ideas of things to create in jars although some of them are proving impossible to do and others are just completely bonkers! I am also open to suggestions as well if there is something that you would really like to see in a jar! Just don't be too rotten to me haha! In the meantime keep checking my Facebook page and Etsy shop for new makes and I'll be back with more faerieful nonsense this time next week! 

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