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Monday, 20 May 2013

Gin in Teacups Stall

Well what a day I had doing a stall at the Gin in Teacups craft market yesterday! I had a great time, met loads of other lovely crafters and made a few sales too, yippeeee! It was good to get out and speak to people and see which items of mine were attracting the most attention. Selling online all the time can be a bit faceless and you don't always get feedback. It was also good to have a look around and see what crafts other people were doing too. I even ended up buying some lovely sweet chilli jam and some tomato and ginger jam which is absolutely delicious!

Here is some photos of my stall. I had loads of stuff, so much I couldn't even fit it all on the table! A lot more stuff than when I did my first stall 2 years ago anyway (see my last post). So I guess I better get my wee faerie bum into gear and do lots more crafts fares this summer and hopefully sell lots more stuff!

This picture was given to me by one of my younger fans who had been coming over to look at my Mario range. He says it's a new design I should work on, how sweet!

Well I guess I'd better look into doing some more stalls this summer and also getting a lot more of these Nomi Faerie goodies up on my Etsy page. Plus there is the crafty area to sort out, it's total chaos here after this week. A faerie's work is never done it seems...

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