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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Murder of Crows

My very talented friend & published author Paul Kennedy has just had his book 'A Murder of Crows' re-released. And I'm very pleased to announce that it features photography done by myself, yay!

Paul is a Scottish author and poet from Dundee. We both met when we were studying media together at college 14 years ago (gosh that just makes me feel old). Paul then went onto to work in healthcare but never gave up on his passion for creative writing. In March 2014 his first book 'A Murder of Crows' was released which features a collection of his poetry and a dark, imaginary short story.

I have been doing a lot of freelance photography work recently so when Paul approached me and asked me if he could include some of my photographic work in his new edition I was very happy to oblige. I asked him specifically what pictures he would ideally like to be included in the book to which he replied; 'I would like a picture of a crow on a gravestone at sunset with a hospital in the background.'

After regretting asking him specifically what he would like I decided to give it my best shot so to speak. I spent a whole evening up at Balgay Cemetry which overlooks Ninewells Hospital in Dundee trying to get pictures of crows on gravestones. This mainly involved tempting crows with sandwiches and getting a lot of funny looks from passers by. In the end I got a few winning shots I was happy with which have now been included in the book. I will include one photo for a teaser but you have to buy the book to see the rest.

Want to say a big well done to Paul and a big thank you for letting me part of his new book, keep up the good work. You can buy A Murder of Crows on Amazon here and follow Paul on Facebook here.

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