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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Friendship Cake Key Rings

Can't believe it's the first of December tomorrow already, the festive season is nearly upon us and there's lots of Christmas shopping to do for everyone, yikes! I have found in the past couple of years that my friendship cake key rings have been very popular with an increase in sales at this time of year. The customer can choose whatever type of cake they want and how many slices that they require. These slices are then attached to key rings (or necklaces if preferred) and when all the friends are together the cake makes a whole and when the friends are apart they each have a piece of cake with them. Customers also have the choice to have their cakes scented, to have personalised name tags put on, to have extra beads and charms added and to have them packaged separately or together. Friendship Cake Key Rings can be found here.

Here are some pictures of cake key rings I have made in the past.

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