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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Day of the Triffid Sunflowers

My friend Lydia and I have been meeting up for Craft Sundays over the past couple of weeks, mainly to make decorations for my mate's big 30th Birthday extravaganza at the weekend there. We made lots of cool stuff including strawberry bunting, big giant strawberries, a strawberry pinata (yes, she is mad on strawberries) and thought it would be cool to make some lovely flowers out of tissue paper for the table as well. I thought I would cheat and picked up a sunflower making kit in the town; the box included green wire and crepe paper etc. The instructions on the back made it seem fairly easy. Well, it wasn't...

That actually took us 2 hours to do, we had to cut out 36 bloody sunflower petals, 6 leaves, some spiky green things to go round the stem. The stupid things wouldn't stick together so ended up just being a mass of sellotape, wire and unsticky PVA glue, lol! They defo do look like something out of The Day of the Triffids, haha! I wasn't about to waste another 2 hours trying to do a better attempt! We took the flower making kit to the party thinking it might be a good party game trying to get the guests to make their on flowers, haha! But after the punch came out well, that idea went out the window! I think the moral of the story is buying things in kits isn't always necessarily easier. My strawberry pinata on the other hand which I made from scratch did turn out successfully, I will post up how I made it very soon so look out for that!

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