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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Baba's own room!

You know how I mentioned before that September was a bit of a nightmare month with loads to do? Well, this is the main reason why... getting the wee baba's room ready in time for his first Birthday! And here it is; it could well be a catalogue picture for Ikea because every thing in here is from there apart from the cot!

The main problem was finding a home for everything that was in there before. Since we moved into our new flat nearly 6 months ago now, this room had been used for keeping all the unpacked boxes, decorating stuff, and buggy etc. And somewhere amongst it all if you took 2 steps forwards, 2 steps to the right and then forward again, you would find my little crafty corner. No, I didn't take any before photos though I should have just so you could see the difference!

But it's great the wee man has got his own space in the house now, which is a good job judging by the amount of toys he has. We've barred the entrance as well so now it's easier to sneak off and go to the toilet/put tea on without the little pest getting up to some sort of mischief! And have to admit; Bob and I have been having a bit of fun in the room ourselves as you can see!

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  1. I love his room! It was great to see you all when I was up. Hope to see you all soon!:) xx